Digital Payment

Digital Pay is a digital wallet solution that enables consumers, merchants, and corporations to make and receive their payments in an easy, fast, and secure way via their smartphones instead of cash or card. D Pay exists to be the first-choice digital payments, commerce and financial services app offering instant, global and local payment solutions that all consumers and businesses can partake in to serve their everyday needs while supporting new entrants into the mainstream economy.

Users can use BPay to purchase goods or services, to send and receive money peer-to-peer (P2P), store money for when they need it, store credentials for various payment instruments securely and digitally, remit money (send money internationally), pay bills, use value-added services and more. Customer identity and electronic transactions are secured through eKYC, encryption, tokenization, and various authentication and authorization methods.

The service is available via smartphone applications for consumers, web portals, and directly integrated into Point of Sale (PoS) terminals using APIs for merchants and corporations – for efficient, convenient use. D Pay is accessed by smartphone users through a digital app available from any app play store (Google or iOS). Once they have set up the app, users can move funds to their BPay account via Benefit.

The key benefits of using D Pay are convenience, safety, and speed to conduct global and local transactions.